Kimmel Secretly Boosts Security After Calling for Gun Control, Then James Woods Steps In!

Late night host Jimmy Kimmel used the Las Vegas shooting to open the question of gun control. It seems like the host is now doing his best to oppose the Second Amendment. The mainstream media accepted this, and Kimmel became an all-time favorite.

But, pro-Trump demonstrators don’t quite like this. Kimmel boosted the security at his shows as he became aware of this. We all wonder why would Kimmel interact with people who disagree with his points of view…

We all saw the report of the gossip website The Blast. According to them, “ever since Kimmel re-ignited his campaign against Republicans’ health care proposals, the comedian has had some issues with protesters at the show. We’re told the show has responded by adding security to the tapings — increasing personnel at both the front and back entrance. According to our sources, the additional security consists of highly-trained, off-duty police officers. Our sources say that in addition to protesters at the show, several ‘concerning’ emails and letters have been sent to production.”

Conservative actor James Woods never fails to criticize his colleagues about their hypocrisy. He is well aware of the hypocrisy in Kimmel’s comments.

Jimmy Kimmel believes he has the right to do whatever pops in his mind. But, people don’t really like hosts who do stupid things just to boost their popularity. Kimmel has the right to defend himself, but we all have the same right.

Americans strongly suggest that the late night show host thinks twice before doing anything similar. Professionals can’t spill out comments like this, and Kimmel should learn his lesson. That’s the only way to survive in this world. Maybe he can use a few more tips on how to behave on TV.

source: worldpoliticus


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