Nancy Sinatra Has Called For The Murder of NRA Members

Frank Sinatra should have taught his daughter better, because Nancy Sinatra made a fatal mistake this time. Nancy came out with a response to the deadly Las Vegas attack, and you can’t even imagine the words she used. So terrible!

Nancy said that the National Rifle Association members should be executed. This statement came on Tuesday, and we can’t do anything but believe that Nancy Sinatra actually supports violent activities against NRA.

“The murderous members of the NRA should face a firing squad,” Nancy tweeted. Well, this is the last thing she could to to make us feel sick.

Americans weren’t aware of this tweet, but someone put an eye on it, and it went viral. This is wrong in so many levels, and we do believe that Nancy should be ashamed of her words. Americans were disgusted to read those words, and so are we.

“NRA: 5 Million Members Nancy Sinatra feels they should be murdered by firing squat, but THEY are the “murderous” ones,” Chet Cannon replied to Nancy’s disgusting comment.

Other uses tried to tell her that there have been enough deaths. “Hi Nancy Sinatra, hasn’t there been enough death for you,” another Twitter user wrote, and went on asking her one simple question. “Before u have millions of innocents killed, can you explain to these people why they should die?” the user wrote. Well, that’s a good point, and we really hope that Nancy will get it.

She can’t just go out and encourage people to shoot NRA members. That’s wrong and terrible. No one deserves to die. Americans have always been free people, and we really don’t need all those crazy people shooting innocent people.

What do you think about the comment Nancy Sinatra made? Will NRA respond to her comment? Should she bear the consequences for saying anything like this?

source: worldpoliticus


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