LIVE: President Trump Addresses Nation Over Las Vegas Shooting

After 50 confirmed deaths and over 200 confirmed injuries, America has been struggling to grip with the deadliest mass shooting in all of US history. Thankfully, President Trump is addressing the nation, and restoring our faith in humanity.

This is a live feed and we will update this article as more information comes out—for a brief recap of the events thus far, please scroll down.

Silence is Consent previously reported on the tragic shooting:

Late Sunday night, a mass shooting occurred in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay Resort. According to video posted to Twitter, the gunfire erupted at the Route 91 Music Festival being held at Mandalay Bay. Eyewitnesses report seeing multiple victims.

UPDATE: 7:00 A.M. CST – 50 are now dead and over 200 are injured. Authorities have identified the shooter as 64-year-old Stephen Paddock. He had barricaded himself in a room on the Mandalay Bay Hotel’s 32nd floor and shot himself after police used an explosive to gain entry through the door.

UPDATE 3:30 A.M. CST – Authorities say 20 are now dead, countless more injured. The shooter is confirmed dead, and is a Las Vegas resident.

UPDATE: 2:32 A.M. CST – Las Vegas Police say they believe there was only one shooter, and he is “down” and no longer a threat.

UPDATE 2:05 A.M. CST – Police confirm two are dead, 24 are wounded, 12 critically. They also confirm one suspect is “down.” Unconfirmed reports say a shooter may have been on the 20th floor on the Mandalay Bay Resort Hotel.

ORIGINAL STORY: According to one spectator on Twitter, country star Jason Aldeen was on stage when a long burst of gunfire ran out. As seen in the video below, it took time for concertgoers, which numbered in the hundreds at the outdoor venue, to realize what was happening. As word spread, a chaotic scene broke out.

Fox News is reporting that multiple victims have been taken to a local hospital. An eyewitness who was helping victims told Fox News that he saw at least four people shot, including two with head injuries. Others were trampled in the chaos afterward.

Las Vegas Police tweeted “Please avoid heading to the south end of the Strip. Las Vegas Blvd is shut down at Tropicana, southbound past Russell Rd at this time.”

The situation is currently unfolding, and we will update our site with breaking news as it comes out.

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