Lady Gaga Attacks Trump On Puerto Rico Response

As we all know, Puerto Rico is currently going through major crisis following the devastating Hurricane Maria which recently swept through the area, taking down everything from infrastructure, to power grids, and leaving thousands deserted and on the streets. But instead of offering their support, Hollywood snowflakes have instead used this as another opportunity to turn against the president, and one of the loudest ones was singer Lady Gaga.

And despite all the recovery efforts and federal employees immediately going there to help the current situation, bringing food, water and all other necessary supplies with them, the power grid still remains a huge problem to be fixed, with only 5% of the entire nation having electricity.

President Donald Trump however is facing major criticism from the leftists who are accusing him of not doing enough to help Puerto Rico, despite all of his administration’s attempts to bring the situation under control, and as expected, the loudest voice of criticism comes from the liberal world of Hollywood.

This Saturday, Lady Gaga took it to Twitter to express her criticism against the Trump administration, claiming that the president didn’t want to help Puerto Rico because it won’t be able to vote in the next election.

However, Gaga wasn’t ready for the outrage and backlash of conservative supporters which stormed the reply section of her posts to educate her on several things:

And little did Gaga now, President Trump and First Lady Melania have already planned out their trip to Puerto Rico this week to meet and greet the people and let them know they have their back on ground zero.


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