Twitter accuses Michelle of pushing ‘racist’ literature onto children

As most of us are familiar, tensions rose high this week when First Lady Melania Trump sent a warm gift consisted of Dr. Seuss books to an elementary school, only to be a victim of an attempted humiliation by the school librarian, who refused the gift claiming it was steeped in racist propaganda.

The first lady’s goal was to celebrate “National Read a Book Day” by gifting students from all across the nation a collection of 10 Dr. Seuss books which included some of the most famous titles.

However, the Massachusetts elementary school librarian which was later found to be a leftist supporter rejected the books in an attempt to humiliate Melania, but a small fact got in her way, which ultimately ended up humiliating the librarian in the process.

In what seemed to be an effort of the first lady to follow in Michelle Obama’s footsteps of gifting Dr. Seuss books, the leftist librarian lashed out to criticize Melania, forgetting that just several years ago Michelle did the same thing. The interesting thing however is that Michelle wasn’t criticized in any manner, only Melania was, because of course, the leftists are ready to contradict themselves and act hypocritically when it comes to the Trump family.

Unfortunately the people quickly realized what the librarian was trying to do, and gave her a taste of her own hateful medicine.

source usanewsflash


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