LeBron James Ridiculed After Calling Trump Supporters “Uneducated”

Nobody expects LeBron to sound like the Queen of England, but if he’s going to throw shade at Trump voters for their lack of intelligence, he has to expect to get some back.

After famous NBA All-star player LeBron James launched a series of insulting posts on Twitter aimed against President Donald Trump and his harsh stance against the disrespectful NFL players which protest the national anthem and American values by kneeling, conservative supporters didn’t take his remarks lightly. LeBron made headlines when he switched from the commander-in-chief, to his supporters, calling them ‘uneducated’.

And now, these ‘uneducated’ conservative supporters seems to have humiliated James more than he could have ever imagined, schooling him just like a first grader in a recent meme picture which shows all of his grammar errors corrected in his very statement he used to call the Trump supporters uneducated.

In fact, this seems to have hit the basketball player so low that he still hasn’t released any official response to the picture, apparently as a result of not having anything better to say than just rant. Maybe it will be better if he chose to stay in sports rather than trying to be so ‘righteous’ and directly insult the commander-in-chief and his supporters, most of which, happen to be highly educated individuals which share the same ideas and believes with President Trump.

All in all, LeBron should do a grammar check next time he decides to stand against a group of people which clearly know better than him, who talks about education while showing how uneducated he really is.

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