Maxine Waters Wants Trump Impeached Over NFL Tweets

Every now-and-then we’re greeted with the same old voice of the crazed California Congresswoman Maxine Waters which calls for the impeachment of President Donald Trump. And now, Maxine has once again resurfaced, doing the same thing, but this time she has come forward claiming that the commander-in-chief’s support for the national anthem at NFL games is “racist” and “frightening.”

Maxine took the opportunity to once again slam Trump while speaking with MSNBC, criticizing Trump over his calls for an NFL boycott over the kneeling players, and going as far as to accuse the president of simply wanting to make America “white” again.

“They play into racism, they do what every other President attempted not to do,” Maxine said, adding how, “He is about division. He is about signalling to that core group of his that this country that he wants to make great again is all about making it white, and is all about saying to them that your troubles, your problems are caused by those people.”

Maxine also pointed fingers at Trump, how one of the main reasons why he is pointing to the NFL and asking for its boycott was because “the majority of these players are African-American, and we know what he is doing. We’re not tricked or fooled by him in any shape, form or fashion.”

At last, Waters concluded her speech by saying, “I hope people understand it’s about all of this that he should not be the President of the United States of America and we have to get ready for impeachment.”

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