Crowd Boos Cowboys As They Take the Knee Before Anthem

This Monday night, the tensions rose higher than ever before between the kneelers of the National Football League, and President Donald Trump, who criticizes their way of protest which at the same time disrespects the primary American values. The reason behind the tension was the decision of the entire Dallas Cowboys football team, including their owner Jerry Jones, to kneel before the National Anthem prior to their game this Monday.

The Dallas Cowboys’ decision to kneel came not long after President Trump came forward this Friday with a speech in which he wished for NFL team owners to immediately fire any “son of a b**ch” which kneeled during the national anthem and thus disrespected the U.S. flag.

While the speech enraged many leftists as well as the mainstream media, it also sparked many conservatives and like-minded Republicans’ support for the commander-in-chief, who went on to Twitter to double-down on his comments, slamming the disrespect which the NFL has been showing, and accusing their kneeling to be the main reason behind their ever-declining ratings as well as empty stadiums.

The NFL has without a doubt started to suffer in both ratings as well as fan support, and more and more senators as well as state officials have come forward asking for the tax payer dollars which fund these teams to be eliminated, so the protesting players can think twice before they protest the flag of the nation which plays them millions to play games.

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