Kid Rock Tweets Amazing Response To NFL Anthem Protests

Tensions in the U.S. have skyrocketed as of recently, with the entire NFL showing resistance against President Donald Trump for his recent speech in which he exposed his harsh stance on the players’ protests and disrespect of the American values as well as the National Anthem.

Unfortunately for those players, on a day when every single leftist seems to have turned against the POTUS, Kid Rock came forward into the spotlight, releasing a succinct message for members of the military.

The rock legend whose come forward with a rhetoric and apparel over the past few months which have caused a number of people to speculate whether he will actually officially launch a bid for the Senate, largely following President Donald Trump’s footsteps.

Kid Rock has also called out the former San Francisco 49-ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick several times, for starting the whole trend in the first place thus earning himself the status of a free-agent as no team wants to sign him in order to avoid negative media attention and coverage. Rock has even gone as far as to write his own harsh words against “anyone who sits or takes a knee during our national anthem!”

Aside from President Trump, Kid Rock has also shown what it means to respect the American values and military, and stand as a true patriot with a hand on the heart during the National Anthem.

source usanewsflash


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