Joy And Whoopi Probably Violated FCC Rules With Filthy Joke About Trump On View Today

The panelists struck on The View struck again. Joy and Whoopi are going to have a run in with the FCC just like Stephen Colbert. If what they did isn’t against the FCC rules, it should be. They referred to Trump calling North Korean leader Kim Jong Un as “Rocket Man,” with one host theorizing that the characterization is actually a “phallic reference to masculine dominance.”

Sarah Haines believes that it was a smart move because when you mention Kim Jong Un, you think of Putin and President Trump and they apparently “love these phallic references to masculine dominance.”

“Is ‘Rocket Man’ masculine?” co-host Sunny Hostin asked.

“Well, rocket, hello!” injected co-host, Joy Behar.

Yes, Joy and Whoopi are making the same penis jokes that the liberals and feminists like to make because they have attacked everything else and it hasn’t lasted. Why isn’t their following calling them out for this homophobia? Isn’t this offensive to the liberals?

“You didn’t see my hand go up like this,” Whoopi Goldberg added as she raised her hand straight up. “You don’t know what I was talking about?”

“All the men in the room know what I mean when you refer to someone as ‘Rocket Man,’ ” Haines continued. “I’m not convinced there’s not a psychology here of it takes one to know one.”

“I know, but who needs it?” Behar asked. “This is why you need women running the world. Who needs these rockets? You need a nice little cocoon.”

“It’s just one of those things. As we said, we know that folks are really thrilled,” Goldberg said. “I guess I prefer diplomacy.”

Joy Behar gave her outstanding political opinion according to The Hill. She thinks that we need to negotiate with North Korea to ease tensions. The last time we negotiated with a despotic regime we gave them a massive cache of nukes.

The ultimate point of this was to call Trump gay and make fun of him for being gay without being berated. They have no true message here other than being a propaganda machine of the liberal establishment.

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