Hillary On Trump’s UN Speech: ‘It was very dark and dangerous’

Hillary Clinton really thinks she is president. She  just will not go away. No matter how loud America yells, and just know the loudest voices telling her to go away are from Democrats, she will not let her loss go.

It’s not a bad dream Hillary. It’s real and it will last 8 years so please get used to it.

Hillary went on Trump basher Stephen Colbert’s show last night and hilariously tried to tell Trump how to be president.

According to Newsmax, she said Trump’s total home run speech at the UN was “very dark” and “dangerous.”

“Not the kind of message that the leader of the greatest nation in the world should be delivering.”

Hillary no one listens to you. Get the hint and fade off into the sunset.

She gave Trump a lecture – hint Hillary it is a comedy show not a pity party – on how to be a proper President saying of what he should have done at the UN,

“You are both required to stand up for the values of what we believe in — democracy and opportunity — as a way to demonstrate clearly the United States remains to beacon that we want it to be.”

She wasn’t dine and added, “when you face dangerous situations, like what is happening in North Korea, to make it clear that your first approach should always be diplomatic.”

Look Hillary. You, your husband Bill Clinton, George Bush, and Barack Obama tried the ‘diplomatic’ approach. It didn’t work.


So what do we have to lose by being a little tougher, a little more unpredictable?

The world cannot get any worse than how you and Barack left it for Trump.

Which is we elected Trump – to clean up your mess.

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