Kathy Griffin Panics After Martin Shkreli Goes To Jail For Hillary Clinton Joke

Remember Kathy Griffin and her disgusting “joke” about President Donald Trump? Well, that was not even a joke. The comedian posted with the bloody head of President Trump, and later offered an apology. A fake one, of course. This time Martin Shkreli did something full of hate and he was immediately sent to jail. A federal court ruled Shkreli a “danger to society,” and it all happened after the criminal made a sick offer. Hillary Clinton was his target, and he offered $5,000 per strand of her hair.

Many people believed that Kathy Griffin would have the same destiny, because her “joke” was the worst of them all. Griffin literally disgusted the Trump family. Should we even mention that the President’s youngest son, Barron, thought that something bad had happened to his father?

Although Griffin offered an apology, she also said that the Trumps have turned her life into chaos. Well, that’s not how we’d describe the incident.

Was Griffin supposed to offer thousands of dollars for hurting President Trump? Is that the only way to get her in prison?

Shkreli tried to pull his posts towards the fun side, and claimed that his statuses were actually an “awkward attempt at humor or satire.” But, it seems like Hillary Clinton is considered a more important person, and everyone who threatens her goes to jail.

Brooklyn federal court judge Kiyo Matsumoto revoked his $5 million bond, and the Big Pharma character was sent straight to jail. Although he deleted his posts, his threat put him behind bars.

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  1. Naturally the dirty democrats get anything and everything they want done! Hillary thought Kathy Griffin was a hero for the act of terrorism!! This guy simply calls for a hair of Hillarys mangie mop and there is a big deal and BOOM the guy is in jail! BUT!!! A government official calls for Trumps assination and she is recomended to resign which she did not. She was able to croak out an insincere apology! And that was that What is a more dangerous request, a call for a hair off Hillarys filthy mop OR the call for the assassination of a sitting president?? This lady did not even get a visit from secret service! Even Kathy Griffin got the visit!! Yes nothing is fair if you are a conservative!!

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