Alyssa Milano mocks Harvey’s National Prayer Day, calls it ‘National A**hole Day’

Actress Alyssa Milano – you might remember her – she was in the 1980s sitcom “Who’s the Boss” and the 1990s show “Charmed,” and not much else. These days, she is on Twitter, spewing all kinds of political and social opinions to anyone who wants to listen.

This weekend, she managed to get back on the pop culture radar by tweeting an opinion so disgusting, it has earned her condemnation and contempt from both sides of the political aisle. And yet, she refuses to apologize or delete the tweet.

Milano’s hate for President Donald Trump is so strong that she doesn’t care if she mocks the victims of Hurricane Harvey in the process. After Hurricane Harvey devastated the Texas Gulf Coast, President Donald Trump issued a presidential proclamation designating this past Sunday as a National Day of Prayer for the victims. Proclaiming a National Day of Prayer is something every president has done, including President Obama. And yet, when President Trump did it to offer support to hurricane victims, Milano absolutely lost it.

She responded to a tweet by President Trump to pray with this tweet of her own. We took a screenshot on the off chance that she deletes the tweet, although it appears she is quite unapologetic.

Since she posted it, the fierce response has come from across the political spectrum. Regardless, Milano has yet to apologize for the tweet or even try to justify it.

One Twitter user took Milano to task over her hypocrisy, citing her support of DACA in the process. They even used a graphic from a left-wing political group who criticized Obama.

Of course, Milano has been in a bad mood for months. She recently sued her former managers for $10 million claiming they mismanaged her money and she is now on the verge of bankruptcy.

Perhaps that is why she is bitter. Donald Trump took the millions he had in the 1980s and turned it into billions. Milano took the millions she had in the 1980s and made it into thin air.

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Author: Victor Medina


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