Chelsea Clinton Awkwardly Tries To Spin Trump’s Harvey Comments

Most of us are aware that there isn’t a single thing liberals such as Chelsea Clinton enjoy more than pointing out and accusing President Donald Trump of making ‘controversial’ comments from time to time. From outrage, to ridicule and mocking comments, their reactions range, all of which are welcomed by the mainstream media, which eagerly waits for the people to complain about his Harvey comments so they can get to work on painting a bad image of the president.

And now, the case was the same with the comments Trump made to reporters in Texas this Saturday during his second trip, saying:

Chelsea Clinton on the other hand, went in a rush to criticize President Trump for saying “as tough as this was, it’s been a wonderful thing,” without realizing that Trump refers to the response, and not the actual devastation that the hurricane left behind.

Unfortunately for her and her fast call for ranting, Twitter users immediately returned the backlash and smack-down, ultimately schooling Chelsea for her criticism:

This is not the first time Chelsea Clinton has went on Twitter to publicly criticize President Trump, and it also isn’t the first or the last time Social Media users have schooled her for her senseless words. The president and his administration on the other hand, deserve all the support they can get for everything they’ve done in the past few days to help the victims affected by the hurricane, so let’s spread the word!


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