Here’s The Vogue Fashion Editor Who Criticized First Lady’s Shoes

Instead of being happy about the President and first lady heading to Texas Tuesday, liberals attacked anything they could find, like Melania’s high heels…

Donald and Melania Trump boarded Marine one Tuesday morning to fly over to Texas and assess the damage done by Hurricane Harvey. After all of the complaining liberals did about The president not being there earlier you’d think that they would be happy about their departure…

But no, they can do no right in liberal’s eyes. Instead they pointed out how “unpractical” the couple’s outfits were. Get a load of the fashion editor who gave Melania hell over her stilettos she wore when entering the plane…

The Gateway Pundit| Leading the charge was Lynn Yaeger from Vogue Magazine.

“No, Melania Trump, You Cannot Wear Those Shoes to a Flood Zone”

Here is Vogue contributor Lynn Yaeger:


Wow, I don’t think the first lady or anyone for that matter, should be taking fashion advice from this woman. I’m just sayin’…

Yaeger and Vogue later softened their title on the First Lady:

“Melania Trump’s Hurricane Stilettos, and the White House’s Continual Failure to Understand Optics”

And by the way haters… The first lady did change when she arrived in Texas. I’m sure there will still be something to complain about though. Like, *gasp!* her tennis shoes are white!

Via Breitbart 

I mean really, where does she think she has the right to criticize anyone?? If this woman is a fashion editor then I must be the queen of England! These libs are so ridiculous! Hate just spews over anything and everything they can find.

The people in Texas are in grave danger….lost their lives, homes, vehicles, etc. and this dumb jerk criticizes Melania’s shoes! IT’S SICK..

I’m just wondering how many other First Lady’s we’ve had that went out and put themselves in harm’s way to show their support for our communities after any kind of disaster? Who cares what she was wearing… SHE WAS THERE!


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