Minority Leader Pelosi Have Forgotten What Is The Dem’s New Platform

Democrats’ new messaging platform left people wondering. Instead of substantive change, their “Better Deal” is the same tired solutions they’ve run and lost on for years.

So you’d think by now their Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi wouldn’t need to read the brochure to explain it…

NTK Network reported:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) appeared to need the assistance of brochure to remember what is in the Democrats’ “A Better Deal” agenda, during an event on Monday.

“So that takes us to the Better Deal, and the Better Deal, I just want to say this to you because you’ll be hearing more about it,” Pelosi told the crowd.

At this point, Pelosi pulled out what appeared to be a small white brochure and took off her sunglasses to read the brochure.

“The Better Deal is about better jobs, better wages, better future,” Pelosi continued, reading from the brochure.

Recently, Pelosi has most notably forgotten who the president is on a number of occasions, often referring to President Trump as President Bush.

She has presided alongside former President Obama over the complete destruction of the Democratic Party in elections.


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