CNN reports musician Jerry Lee Lewis died instead of actor Jerry Lewis

Confusion: Fake News CNN Reported the Death of the WRONG Jerry Lewis.

CNN ended up with a bit of egg on its face when the news site reported “Jerry Lee Lewis” died on Sunday.

Comic Jerry Lewis died, not the singer.

Watching CNN today, Jerry Lee Lewis discovered that he is dead, and he was none too happy about it (as evidenced in the photo, above) since he is still breathing.

Any post-pubescent American knows the difference between Jerry Lewis, the Comic, and Jerry Lee Lewis, the singer. Jerry Lewis, the Comic, is the dead guy.

Maybe CNN should stick to simpler news, like the current date and time. Anything beyond that is apparently beyond their skill level.

The confusion forced Jerry Lee Lewis III to respond by tweeting, “My dad did not pass.”

Somewhere, Jerry Lewis is laughing his ass off.

Click this link for the original source of this article. 

Author: Thomas Madison


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