As Governor, Bill Clinton Signed Act To Honor Confederacy

Almost a week after the Charlottesville protests took place, liberals have already used it as a way to remove Confederate monuments and symbols in the United States.

However, Liberals have double standards about everything.

While Governor of Arkansas, Bill Clinton declared one of the stars adoring the Arkansas flag was to honor the Confederacy.

The left wing Huffington Post ran this story in 2015:

“Many Republican presidential contenders say the question of whether to keep the Confederate flag flying outside South Carolina’s Statehouse is a matter for South Carolinians to work out among themselves. Democratic candidates like Hillary Clinton tend to say that the flag — a symbol of racism and oppression to many — ought to come down, especially in the wake of last week’s racially motivated mass shooting in Charleston. (Clinton has not made an official statement about South Carolina’s flag since the shooting, but in 2007 she did say she “would like to see it removed“ from the Statehouse grounds.)

But the former secretary of state, who is now running for president, is not the first Clinton to weigh in on the matter of the Confederacy. The state flag of Arkansas sports 25 white stars and four blue ones. And in 1987, while serving as governor of Arkansas, Bill Clinton signed a bill affirming that one of those blue stars is there in honor of the Confederate States of America.”

The Daily Caller also confirms:

In 1987, when her husband was governor of Arkansas, Bill Clinton signed Act 116 that stated “The blue star above the word “ARKANSAS” is to commemorate the Confederate States of America.”

So, here it is again. Double standards remain.

image source: politico

article source: americanlookout


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