Pelosi: Remove Confederate Statues From U.S. Capitol

Nancy Pelosi is now demanding any Confederate statues be removed from the Capitol, despite having the power to do just that just a few years ago, and never doing it herself.

In the wake of attacks on Confederate monuments in Durham, North Carolina and elsewhere around the country, Pelosi is now piling on.

“The Confederate statues in the halls of Congress have always been reprehensible,” Pelosi, the former House Speaker said in a statement today.

When she was Speaker, Pelosi was effectively the queen of the Capitol and could have removed the monuments at that time, when she also apparently thought they were “reprehensible.”

Continuing, Pelosi said, “If Republicans are serious about rejecting white supremacy, I call upon Speaker Ryan to join Democrats to remove the Confederate statues from the Capitol immediately.”

While she was speaker, Pelosi brags, the chamber “recognized more women and people of color in Congress’ collection of statues, including Rosa Parks, Sojourner Truth and Helen Keller.”

While those women deserve memorialization, Pelosi only deserves ridicule. She knows the rules and she didn’t care about the Confederates while she was in charge. Her faux crusade to drive Dixie down is really designed to drive up her political stock.


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