More Cities Caving and Removing Confederate Statues!

What the left is doing is stripping America of its history, heritage and culture.

For months now, the debate over whether to remove Confederate monuments from cities nationwide has sparked heated controversy, and it came to a boiling point in Charlottesville, which lead to lives being lost and ruined.

Now, cities across the United States are caving in to the left’s demands and removing the statues and monuments, part of our country’s history, secretly to avoid more protests and anger.

This is a disgrace to everything America stands for, and it’s a perfect example of how the left uses militant tactics and divisive rhetoric to get what they want; we are literally whitewashing our own history to suit those who loathe America anyway.

Let’s be honest, the left does not care about Confederate statues at all, they’re simply doing this out of spite because they know it will upset the very people THEY are angriest at: conservative Trump supporters.

Giving in to the demands of the radical left sets a dangerous precedent: what will they demand we erase once all the monuments and statues are gone, and where will it end?

If you think they’ll stop with Confederate statues, think again, they’re already demanding Roosevelt be removed from Mount Rushmore, and will soon demand that the Lincoln Memorial and other amazing pieces of architecture (and parts of our rich history) be destroyed and removed to suit their agenda.

What the left is doing is stripping America of its history, heritage, and culture, and they won’t stop until every statue, every building, every church, every book, every classic film and movie and song is outlawed, banned, and erased from history.

When all of that is gone, the militant left (who has abandoned classic liberalism for Communism) will come for us, just as they’ve done in countries throughout history…

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