Illegal Immigrant Leeching Welfare for 20 Yrs Gets Deported to Mexico

If you ask the lying lefties about the immigrants, they will say that they are the most innocent people that ever lived on this planet. They will add how they are not violent and that they do not represent a threat to the American society. They will say anything different from Trump’s opinion all in order to make him look bad. That is why they attack the President about his decision to sign the travel ban.

Well, the travel ban is actually the best thing that happened to this nation. Thanks to it, the real danger will no longer walk freely. Proud Patriots reports that a mother of four living in Ohio was deported to Mexico after a traffic stop exposed her for being illegal for nearly 20 years.

According to reports by CBS News,37-year-old Beatriz Morelos Casillas was arrested for driving without a license near Cleveland, Ohio. After the arrest, she was deported back to Nuevo Laredo, one of the most dangerous places in Mexico. Her husband, on the other hand, has a legal working visa. He only wants his wife to be safe but also together with their other relatives he thinks that this is unfair.

Christian Enrique Gutierrez Morelos and his wife, Sonia, are aching over the quick deportation of their Aunt Beatriz. Christian stated: “She’s scared, I believe she’s more scared for her children than for her right now.”

Elizabeth Ford, an immigration attorney working on Beatriz’s behalf, said: “What happened to Beatriz was the direct result of the new administration and the policies that have been given to ICE. People with no criminal history are being told they have to leave the country in a very short amount of time when they’ve built an entire life here with children and houses and families and jobs.”

Thomas Homan, acting ICE director, responded: “ICE prioritizes arrests based on criminal threats, national security, those who violate immigration laws.”

They defend her by saying how the woman is decent and didn’t have any criminal history. Are you kidding me? She lives illegally in here for 20 years. She was even driving without a license. Are their relatives concerned about her children? I ask considering the fact of the careless position she put them in.


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