Hillary forgot how she said a KKK leader was her mentor (video)

Hillary Clinton is now calling on Trump to disavow White Supremacists.

Which is very ballsy coming from a lady with such a dark, racist past.

On August 25, Trump retweeted a tweet posted by Fox Nation. In that tweet was a link to a video with this headline: “Flashback: Hillary Clinton Praised Former KKK Member Robert Byrd as ‘Friend and Mentor’.”

The same day, Donald Trump Jr. (Trump’s oldest son) posted an original tweet about Clinton and Byrd: “Hillary openly endorsed KKK leader Robert Byrd and called him her ‘mentor’ Seems relevant given her argument today, but media is crickets???”

Her biggest claim to RACIST fame is her love-affair with a friend and MENTOR who just so happened to be a GRAND DRAGON in the KKK.

Not only that, he recruited well over 100 new KKK members in his time, and also tried to BLOCK the “Civil Rights Act” with a filibuster.

Watch the video below, where Mark Dice walks you through Hillary and Bill’s very racist past.



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