Bloomberg: U.S. Companies Having Best Earnings Season in 13 Years

As The Tensions Rise With North Korea, Trump Makes HISTORY With Another Announcement – Brilliant

It seems that all the hard work and effort President Donald Trump and his administration have put into making our nation a better place for all Americans have finally paid off, as newest results show that the global economy is thriving and has led to the best earnings season for corporations of America in the past 13 years.

Bloomberg reports that almost 80% of  S&P 500 companies are set to break sales projections this quarter, with the health care and information technology sectors boasting the largest gains.

Details from analysts also show speculations that the stock market have foreseen this growth, and while President Trump’s deregulation promises have helped by a landslide, it was a weak dollar which decreased the hit that the transnational corporations take when they exchange the foreign sales home, making their products cheaper for foreign consumers.

According to a senior vice president at BB&T Wealth Management, Walter “Bucky” Hellwig, the thing which contributed to a weak dollar was the fact that the Congress stalled on tax reform, and according to his speculations, “the tax dollar is going to contribute again in the third quarter.”

This is without a doubt one huge accomplishment in the field of economy for the Trump administration as well as the U.S. as a nation. Thanks to powerful leaders our nation will grow to be great and strong again.

source: bloomberg


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