Mike Huckabee on Waters: “Send her to North Korea”

Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee proposed a very interesting way for President Trump to defeat North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un. He said: send Rep. Maxine Waters to negotiate with him.

Huckabee was referring to previous comments by Maxine Waters who claimed we should rather negotiate and give-in to Kim’s demands.

Mike Huckabee wrote on Twitter:

“@POTUS has dispatched Maxine Waters to NOKO [North Korea] to talk to Lil Kim. After 1/2 hour with her he will drink whatever he gave to his 1/2 brother.”

The other part of the tweet, Mike Huckabee was ostensibly referring to an incident in which Kim Jong-Un’s half-brother Kim Jong Nam was poisoned. Several spy agencies believes the current dictator to be behind the death.

Huckabee’s comment come as tensions escalate between the United States and North Korea. In response to North Korea’s successful miniaturization of a nuclear warhead, the President of the U.S. warned Kim Jong-Un that he will meet with ‘fire and fury.’

Following Trump’s comments, North Korea threatened to send four missiles at the US territory of Guam.

Huckabee absolutely slammed the Democratic ninny Maxine Waters for all the silly, and insane statements she has been disgorging lately. For example, she is calling Trump a racist and bigot in every single opportunity. Moreover, she has been ridiculously claiming that Trump will be impeached by December of this year.


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