Maryland City Considers Giving Illegals the Right to Vote

A Democratic area in Maryland is considering giving voting rights to non-citizens in a disgusting attempt to further erode Americanism.

The Baltimore Sun reported:

Officials in College Park are weighing a plan that would make their city the largest in Maryland to give illegal immigrants a right to vote in local elections, a long-standing practice elsewhere in the state that has drawn new scrutiny amid the simmering national debate over immigration.

The Prince George’s County city, home of the flagship University of Maryland campus and some 30,000 residents, is considering a measure to let noncitizens cast ballots for mayor and City Council — making it the latest target in a movement that has had more success in Maryland than anywhere else in the United States.

College Park officials are debating the charter amendment after a divisive national election in which immigration played a prominent part. Many left-leaning cities, including Baltimore, are now at odds with President Donald J. Trump’s initial efforts to fulfill a campaign promise to crack down on immigration violations.

Supporters of the College Park measure say local elections center on trash collection, snow removal and other municipal services that affect people regardless of their citizenship status. The proposal, like those already approved in other small Maryland cities and towns, would not allow illegal immigrants to vote for president, senator, congressman or governor.

Read the rest of the report here.

Hopefully the state or federal government will intervene to prevent this from happening because it will be a slippery slope that will gain support throughout the country if it’s allowed.

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Author: Ryan S


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