Dow Jones Breaks all-time record

The stock market has never been higher, and President Donald Trump would like more people to pay attention.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average, the principal measure of the US stock market, crossed the 22,000-point milestone on Wednesday morning, for the first time in its history.

This Tuesday morning, President Trump took it to Twitter to share some good news with his followers, which by some reason the mainstream media ignores it most likely to the fact that they don’t want to share the success he has achieved. The POTUS shared two tweets revolving around the stocks market, and growth of business in the current economy.

Thanks to President Trump’s policies, businesses all over the nation are doing great and achieving more than they did in the past couple of years. Details reveal that the president’s policies and cutback on regulation is having a huge impact on businesses, with America’s largest companies are showing two consecutive quarters of double-digit profit growth.

After going through a 15% increase in the first quarter, with 60% of all firms in the index reporting an 11% growth in the second quarter. Reports show that industries from the automotive and finance tech are currently enjoying their second-quarter profit gains, but their earnings are still expected to decline in the utilities sector according to data statements from Thomson Reuters.

The POTUS and his congressional Republicans are still working their way to and outlining plans to cut individual and corporate tax rates “as much as possible” by the end of September.

Despite the mainstream media avoiding to publicly discuss victory in the stocks market and economics, it is still a major achievement for the sitting administration, and we can only expect more in the future with a leader such as President Trump.

The Dow crossed the 19,000, 20,000 and 21,000 thresholds since President Donald Trump’s inauguration.

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