Jared Kushner Was Just Attacked Near Capitol Hill

Jared Kushner, a Trump adviser and Ivanka Trump’s husband, was attacked while leaving the U.S. Capitol.

A protester dressed as a reporter lunged at Kushner holding a Russian flag. He then asked Kushner to sign the flag and threw it at him while he was being carried away. There is no excuse for this behavior and it is sad to see that he was not stopped before this happened. This is what the Trump family and administration go through on a pretty regular basis.

We have been seeing these kind of attacked from jealous liberals ever since he took office and they are getting worse instead of better. How can we move on as a country if half of the people in it are constantly attacking its leadership? We cannot, that is the answer and liberals need to see that before it is too late.

(h/t worldpoliticus)


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