Chuck Schumer Challenged by Kid Rock

Kid Rock has already written his first campaign tweet, and Chuck Schumer is his target.

President Donald Trump won the toughest battle of his life, and some people thought that he doesn’t have any chances of winning. Democrats were too self-confident about Hillary’s victory. However, nominating Hillary Clinton was the worst mistake in US history, and they are already regretting. Voting for Hillary Clinton would be pretty similar to committing a suicide.

President Trump won the elections in November, and people cheered to the greatest victory ever. The President gave us new ideas, and made life easier. Unlike Barack Obama, President Trump kept his campaign promises. He promised to bar Muslim immigrants, and Democrats went crazy. They would never let him close the borders for Muslims, and Obama supported them. But, President Trump was the absolute winner. He also promised to build a border wall, and this promise has already turned into reality.

Many people criticize President Trump for the decisions he brings. He has earned himself a few enemies, but Americans are aware of his power. America needed a strong leader, and President Trump is already on a good way of making America great again.

President Trump is the idol of most Americans, including Kid Rock. Now he is ready to run for Senate, and he decided to take the steps of President Trump. The singer will get people’s attention through social media, and he hopes that people will understand his ideas.

Rock has already written his first campaign tweet, and Chuck Schumer and Debbie Stabenow are his target. “Dinner time at my house. What do you think Schumer is spoon-feeding Stabenow tonight?” the candidate tweeted. Twitter users went crazy, and his loudest fans were the first to support him. Many believe that Kid Rock has a pretty good chance of winning this one. Well, this is going to be quite a show, and the singer knows how to do things his way. We will definitely enjoy this run.

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