NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio (D) Jets To Germany To Join G-20 Riots

Fox News host blasted the mayor for leaving the city to join an anti-Trump protest, one day after a New York police officer was killed.

Bill De Blasio is one of the worst enemies of our President Donald Trump. He landed Friday morning in Germany, where he spent the weekend attending a leftist protest related to the G20 summit of world leaders.

After New York Mayor expressed his rage against President Donald Trump, Fox News host Eric Bolling took it to live TV to toll De Blasio not to bother coming back from his anti-Trump protest in Germany. He blasted the mayor on “The Fox News Specialists” for leaving the city to join an anti-Trump protest in the midst of a chaos in New York after an officer had been shot in the head.


Instead of staying in the city to participate in the swearing in of a line of cadets, and honor the memory of the deceased police officer, Bolling considered it more important to protest against Trump in Germany, immediately leaving, which is what set off Bolling to go after him.

This is what Bolling said:

“And do us all a favor and listen to The New York Post, which speaks for millions of Americans ‘and don’t come back’ De Blasio. Don’t come back.”

But the host did not stop there, as he went on to call De Blasio “disrespectful SOB,” saying he went to Hamburg, Germany to “deliver a keynote speech to anti-Trump, far-left goons riding at G-20 meetings.”

“You aren’t a social justice warrior, you are not a progressive for the people. You are a despicable, self-dealing clown who traveled to Germany to feed your need for cameras and microphones,” he added.



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