Can someone tell Obama he is not the president anymore?

Obama’s shadowing of Trump is appalling!

It’s really sad and pathetic that Barack H. Obama is trying to pretend like he is still the President of the United States. Sort of like the spoiled popular girl who doesn’t win prom queen but still acts as if she did…..We are all just looking at him with furrowed brows and a bit of a lip curl, as if to express, “Who invited this guy?”

Fox Business host Lou Dobbs says he is appalled with former president Obama because he has been “shadowing” President Trump around the world in an effort to “undercut him.”

On “Lou Dobbs Tonight” Thursday evening, the host brought up footage from 2012 of Obama asserting that “we have one president at a time” to establish his point that the former president is the ultimate hypocrite. He pointed out that five years later, Obama has “embarked on a world tour that appears to be clearly organized to mirror, to shadow President Trump’s meetings with foreign leaders.”


Obama has met with the former prime ministers of both Italy and Britain.

He talked with Germany’s Angela Merkel in May, before the president — just hours before her meeting with President Trump. Mr. Obama had dinner with Canada’s Justin Trudeau last month, and Obama met with South Korea’s new president Moon Jae-In in just this past Monday, only three days after President Trump met with the Korean leader at the White House. Three days.

The former president’s shadowing of President Trump is appalling, and so is the silence of the national left-wing media who have supported Obama in his egregiously awful behavior since he left office, and of course, throughout his eight years as president.

There’s nothing surprising in it at all, of course, the former president who spent those eight years undermining core American values, traditions and our national interests to boot, and who now does his very best to undercut President Trump and the will of the American people.

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