Sen. Harris (D-CA) Uses Children’s Citizenship Ceremony to Blast Trump Policies

Democratic Senator Kamala Harris used her speech at a citizenship ceremony for 41 children from 14 different countries being sworn in as US citizens, to blast President Donald Trump’s policies on Monday.

Her speech took aim at Trump’s “travel ban.” Harris tried convincing them to all become politicians. And, of course, to be liberals.

“You chose to become United States citizens. Now, I’m asking you to choose to embrace the responsibilities of citizenship. Get involved. Attend town halls or city council meeting. Run for office yourselves. Vote,” said Harris.


She then insulted President Trump’s travel ban. “For me, there’s no greater celebration of what this country is than the outpouring of love and support we saw just a few months ago when new arrivals to this country were under assault,” she said referring to the ban.

“Thousands of people wrote and called Congress. Americans all over the country marched. They rallied at airports, where they offered legal advice, handed out food, and waved signs. Like the young woman at LAX holding the U.S. flag with the poem from the Statue of Liberty written on it: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,” said Harris.

“The little girl with a sign that said, “Unless you are Native American, aren’t we all immigrants?” she said. She went on to explain that if you want to be a citizen, you must, pretty much be a liberal protestor. “That engagement is what citizenship demands. And that is what citizenship can achieve. So I hope you remember those words, which demonstrate why America has always been great when we come together,” said Harris.

Kamala Harris is often mentioned as a possible presidential candidate for the Democrats in 2020.


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