Immigration Reforms: House Passes ‘Kate’s Law’

The US House of Representatives took action to crack down on illegal immigrants and the Sanctuary Cities which protect them in the United States. House Republicans passed two immigration reforms Thursday, marking a first big step towards a pro-American national immigration policy, despite strong Democratic opposition.

One bill passed by the House would deny federal grants to sanctuary cities and another, Kate’s Law, would increase the penalties for illegal aliens who are deported and try to regain entry into the United States.

Kate’s Law passed with a vote of 257 to 157, with one Republican voting no and 24 Democrats voting yes. Nearly all Democrats opposed the bills, nearly all Republicans supported the bills.

The law is named for Kate Steinle, a San Francisco woman killed by an illegal immigrant. He had been deported multiple times but was living in that Sanctuary City. The two-year anniversary of Kate’s death is on Saturday.

Every year, countless Americans are victimized, assaulted, and killed by illegal immigrants who have been deported multiple times.  It is time for these tragedies to end.

The other bill also passed which denies federal grants to Sanctuary Cities. That passed with a vote of 228-195, with three Democrats voting for the legislation and seven Republicans voting against it.

The laws will now go to the Senate.

The two bills are wins for President Trump. He applauded the two votes and called the bill’s passage “good news” in a tweet, adding “House just passed #KatesLaw. Hopefully Senate will follow.”


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