First Lady Melania Is On Liberal’s Fashion Critics Target

It didn’t take long for Michelle Obama’s liberal friends to deliver a sick surprise to Melania Trump at the recent White House State Dinner.

Melania became a big favorite of patriots across the country, who see her as classy and elegant and kind, but on the other side, there are those on the left who will stop at nothing to hurt her. However, this time, it backfired big time.

On Monday, Melania wore a yellow floral floor length gown to meet and dine with Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India and his wife. Right away, Michelle Obama’s friends, who are fashion critics, decided to attack the first lady as the event was still going on.

“Melania Trump’s style has come a long way since Donald’s election campaign and we’ve seen her sporting much more tailored looks. But her most recent outfit to meet Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the White House has been met with a bit of criticism,” reported Mirror.

“[Fashion critics] questioned whether or not the bold color and print was ‘appropriate’ for the official meeting. It’s possibly more appropriate for a garden party than a formal meeting,” reported AOL.

This is funny, even for those who praise Michelle’s every look. Considering these “unnamed fashion critics,” it seems that they are the same people who gushed over Michelle Obama’s horrendous fashion mistake from her vacation in Italy.

Many liberal fashion critics wrote that Michelle Looked “MOLTO BELLA in Italy” meaning “very beautiful.”

What’s even more funny is that they don’t mention the outrage from Italians that followed that horrible top falling off of Michelle. While she was in Italy, she visited a Catholic cathedral. There is a dress code posted just outside every cathedral.

Melania was an international model, held in high regard. It’s a given that she is going to dazzle in the fashion department. Yet, these crazy fashion critics continuously make fools out of themselves by posting these unflattering pics of Michelle and telling us she is “Molto Bella!”

Well, Melania definitely knows how to make a fashion statement. She is very beautiful, and she is also very smart. She looks good in everything she wears, and maybe that is where the left’s jealousy comes from.


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