CNN Video Fake News Scandal ‘Complete Vindication’ for President Trump

Dr. Sebastian Gorka, deputy adviser to the president and former National Security editor for Breitbart News, reacts to a video of a CNN producer admitting the Trump-Russia narrative was false. According to Gorka, the CNN anti-Trump Russia Conspiracy Scandal has completely vindicated President Trump.

He joined Breitbart News Daily for an interview on Tuesday, just in time for SiriusXM host Alex Marlow to present him with the latest Fake News scandal: the undercover video of a CNN producer admitting the President Trump-Russia story was “mostly bulls**t” and hyped for “ratings.”

Gorka congratulated undercover filmmaker James O’Keefe of Project Veritas for the video and said he felt “utter and complete vindication” after watching it.

“I think this is the day when the Left rues ever coming up with the phrase ‘Fake News’ because now we have the evidence. We have the consequences of systematic generation of Fake News, happening at the epicenter of one of the places that was producing the most of it,” he stated.

“It’s just a testament to the determination of the president,” Gorka continued. “He sticks with what he knows to be true. He hangs in there doggedly and finally. Thanks to intrepid people like James O’Keefe, we have the evidence, and people are getting fired.”

source breitbart


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