Flashback: When Liberals Mocked Warmbier For ‘Getting What he Deserved’

During Warmbier’s time in captivity, Barack Obama did absolutely nothing to seek his release.

After suffering 17 months of brutal captivity in North Korea, Otto Warmbier died Monday. He was comatose for about a year before he was returned to his family last week.

Warmbier was arrested by the North Koreans almost 18 months ago. He was accused of stealing a propaganda poster from the hotel he was staying at and sentenced to 15 years of hard labor for this charge.

North Korean officials stated that the coma was a result of botulism – a fact U.S. doctors disputed. They revealed that Warmbier suffered severe damage to his brain while he was being held by the communist regime.

Following news of Warmbier’s death, ex – U.S. President Obama has come under fire for his perceived inaction in bringing the 22-year-old home from North Korea while he was in office.

Thanks to President Trump, and no thanks to Obama, Otto was rescued from North Korea prison.

As people take in the tragic news, Twitter users were quick to resurface articles from liberal sites Salon, Huffington Post, and Bustle in 2016 mocking the college student. When Warmbier was first arrested, the response from some on the left was to mock him. Liberals wasted no time attacking the young 22-year-old for “getting what he deserved.”

At the time, Comedy Central’s now defunct program, The Nightly Show relentlessly ridiculed Warmbier as the audience laughed.




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