Newt Gingrich Obliterates Whoopi Goldberg And Her Co-Hosts On The View

Ex – Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, was hosted on the ABC’s show “The View” this Tuesday, where he was grilled by the panel on Comey, the media and Trump. Whoopi Goldberg, the loudmouth host of the show, immediately picked a fight with him about President Trump and the recent situation at Washington. The liberal co-hosts constantly tried to pin him in a corner. However, Gingrich kept his cool, as he unleashed hell on them.

The interview ended with host Whoopi Goldberg making a ridiculous assertion about Trump’s relationship with the media.

That part began after host Jedediah Bila asked Gingrich about Trump’s support among the public. “Are people frustrated with him, disappointed with him? What are they feeling out there?” she asked.

Gingrich expressed his surprise that the President had any support with the public after the “endless barrage” of negative media attention that Trump has faced since he announced he was running for president.

He even cited a recent Harvard study which found that 93% of the media coverage of the President was negative, prompting host Whoopi Goldberg to make a bizarre, perhaps delusional claim about the relationship between Donald Trump and the media:

GINGRICH: I think it’s amazing, if you look at the — for example, CNN’s 93% negative coverage according to Harvard, 93% negative, I think it’s a miracle that Trump has any approval.

JOY BEHAR: Oh, my God.

GINGRICH: Constant unending barrage —

BEHAR: I have a question, too.

WHOOPI: So, do you mean, because I recall––and maybe I’m crazy––but I recall from the time the gentleman came down the escalator until the time he won, he was 24/7 on every television on every network forcing– making one of the head of the networks saying, ‘Yeah, it wasn’t good for America but it was great for us.’ It was all positive until people started asking questions. Now —

GINGRICH: It wasn’t all positive!

SUNNY HOSTIN: It was live coverage of Donald Trump was saying.

WHOOPI: I’m sorry, I —

GINGRICH: It was all noisy but it wasn’t all positive.

WHOOPI: No, no. 98% of it was positive, Newt.

Gingrich managed to rip the mainstream media for the unfair way they treat Trump. And he did it in the best way possible. Though Whoopi was visibly angry by his words, she couldn’t come up with a coherent argument as to why he was wrong.



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