Sick: Leftists attack Barron Trump for his T-shirt and popular toy

It is not surprising to see leftists attack a kid. The depravity of the Democrats is on full display, yet again.

Note: This article contains coarse language that may offend some readers.

Melania and Barron Trump moved into the White House earlier this week. Barron was filmed getting off of Air Force One. He was wearing a pretty amazing t-shirt that said “The Expert” (which quickly sold out from J Crew, one news site reported) and playing with a “fidget spinner.” The small, three-sided spinning disc is held between thumb and index finger and spun around.

Fidget spinners are the most popular toys in schools across the country and almost everyone under the age of 16 has at least one of the toys — much to the confusion of adults.

However, when liberals spotted Barron with the most popular toy in America, they automatically used it as “proof” that the eleven-year-old boy has mental problems.

The fact that the spinners are common among teenagers did not stop vicious commenters from coming down on Barron for his seemingly normal teenage boy activities.

Hardcore leftists took to Twitter to attack the Barron.


Barron Trump is not being treated like the Obamas children. The liberal mainstream media derided any and all criticism of the Obama girls (even when one was photographed smoking marijuana). But a young boy playing with the most popular toy in America — there must be something wrong with him!

Liberals have made clear they will go after Barron. Rosie O’Donnell said shortly after Trump was elected that Barron might be autistic, Variety wrote. She defended herself, saying “that Barron was fair game because Mr. Trump is president-elect.”

Earlier this month, unfunny comedian Kathy Griffin made headlines after releasing photos of her holding a very real look severed head that looked like Trump. Reports soon emerged that Barron had seen the photos and thought they were real.

Griffin claimed she would be targeting Barron Trump in December last year. She said attacking the president’s 11-year-old son would be her “edge.”

The reality is that Barron is a normal child and the left has problems. Young children of politicians are supposed to be off-limits, but the left has targeted Barron as hostility against the Trump family continues to rise in liberal circles.


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