Maxine Waters smacks reporter’s mic away after being asked about Obama

Maxine Waters should spend less time trying to impeach President Trump and more time paying attention to the people of her district she is actually representing.

Nevertheless, Maxine Waters does not appreciate it when people point out her hypocrisy. Just look at this reporter, who asked a question about Waters’ Russia hypocrisy. Waters replied, “I’m out to impeach this president — get that straight. I’m out to impeach the president. I’m not gonna be diverted by people who are Obama haters.” Then, Maxine Waters pushed the reporter.

The media went overboard after Republican Greg Gianforte allegedly “body-slammed” a reporter, but Maxine Waters can comfortably push someone on camera and get away with it?

The reporter, from The Young Turks, is actually self-proclaimed liberal known as Tommy Christopher. He respectably asked Maxine Waters a question about Barack Obama. The congresswoman became agressive, and revealed exactly how the Democrats treat rational liberals.

Tommy Christopher deserves to be acknowledged . He is a liberal who is willing to hold other liberals accountable. Most of the journalists just serve as the mouthpiece of the Democrats.

More than 90 % of journalists are liberal, and they have an obvious double standard for politicians of different parties. For eight years, Barack Obama got a pass for his many controversies. Now, the media is hounding President Trump, who is truly scandal-free, and has been since his first day in office.

Before his second term, Obama was caught on a “hot mic” saying to a Russian official that he would be able to go easier on them after his last election ended. Essentially, he said he would ignore the will of the people and change his behavior after elected. He even started the Russian reset, which was an attempt to start a friendly relationship with the Russians. The press and the Democrats didn’t take interest then. And, Obama failed.

However, as soon as President Trump is elected, the Democrats instantly began to consider Russia to be our greatest threat. Trump ran on a willingness to work with Russia, and now political hags like Maxine Waters are trying to impeach President Trump for doing the same thing Obama did.



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