Muslims Take Over Street of NYC – Start Praying in Front of Trump Tower

Muslims in New York continued on with their civilization Jihad.

They take over street of New York protesting outside Trump Tower during ‘Iftar’ or ‘breaking their Ramadan fast’. All of them do this for no reason, but to let everyone know that they are working hard on their Islamic takeover.

During the event, there was the Hamas-linked organizer Linda Sarsour – a Palestinian Muslim who bas our president and label Americans as bigots and racists. But what’s more ironic is that Linda Sarsour comes from a state that is considered as most bigoted area on the planet.

Of course, she didn’t miss an opportunity to attend this event and spew even more lies about her intentions as a Muslim activist. Every time, she claims that Trump is full of hatred and divisiveness. Ironic.

Here’s one interesting part Sarsour said:

“We as Muslim Americans are here to stay. This country was founded and built on the backs of Muslims and black people,” Sarsour said. “Islam is not a foreign entity to this United States.


While she is fighting in America for the Muslims to have the same rights as everyone, several Muslim countries don’t even allow Israeli Jews to enter, but she claims Muslims are victims. For example, Saudi Arabia prohibits Christian churches and Jewish Synagogues from being built.

Well, they need to learn that Barack Obama is not their President anymore. If they thought this will intimidate President Trump, they are wrong.


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