Kathy Griffin Hopefully Decapitates Partisan Comedy, a Joyless Oxymoron


Did you hear the one about left-wing comics?

Kathy Griffin transformed from jokester to punchline this week by holding the image of the president’s severed head. Offending comes with the territory, but some comics mistake this as their raison d’etre.

They miss that the essential aspect of comedy, even (especially?) in hyper-politicized times, remains to provoke laughter.

Griffin mistook shock for humor. Where but at the ISIS Improv does anyone laugh at the beheading of a president?

Senator Al Franken canceled a joint appearance with Griffin over the controversy.

“After hearing from many Minnesotans who were rightfully offended,” the Minnesota Democrat explained, “I’ve come to the conclusion that it would be best for her not to participate in the event we had previously scheduled. I understand why Minnesotans were upset by this, and I take that very seriously.”

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source http://www.breitbart.com


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