Ivanka Takes Arab World By Storm

Wearing a long sleeved dress with no head scarf, Ivanka Trump landed in the Saudi capital of Riyadh on Saturday morning as part of Trump’s visit to the oil-rich kingdom on the first destination of his international tour to the Middle East and Europe.

According to reports coming out of Saudi Arabia, Ivanka is causing a “Beatles” – like explosion across the Arab world, almost getting more press coverage than her father.

From the moment she got off Air Force One, the hashtag Bint Trump, which means Trump’s Daughter, was the top trending Arabic hashtag.

Ivanka is calm, measured, smart, beautiful. She is loyal to herself, her father, her country, and her family. She does have that mesmerizing effect on people.

And it seems the Arab world agrees.

Muna Abu Sulayman, a Saudi TV host called as the “Oprah of the Middle East” was impressed and said that while Ivanka was always known in the kingdom as a style icon and businesswoman the Arab world appreciated her dress choice.

“They think she looks sexy,” she said.

Ivanka is a tremendous role model for young women across the globe and she knows it which is why Ivanka will hold some special roundtable discussions while she is in Saudi Arabia.

The media in America while mostly bashes Ivanka has been of late starting to embrace her a little more. It will take a while for the US media to fully embrace Ivanka and when they do they will be amazed at the good things this extraordinary woman does.


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