Coming Soon to US? McDonald’s in Sweden Sends Out Ads in Arabic!

The continent of Europe has gone into crisis since the Muslim refugee swarming began a long time ago. One of the countries that has been hit the hardest is Sweden, with several terror attacks having happened in the past and the rate of violent crimes having spiked up since the Muslim migrants started pouring in like rain.

Now, the famous fast-food chain McDonald’s, has had its restaurants submit to these Islamic refugees in a sick way.

According to reports, McDonald’s is trying to cater to Muslim migrants by sending out mailers in Arabic. Instead of pushing these refugees to learn either Swedish or English, they are encouraging them to change the culture of their new country to one that submits to Shariah law.

After receiving tons of backlash from the people as well as some celebrities, McDonald’s tried to defend themselves and it’s decision to print mailers in Arabic, claiming that there is a Swedish on the other side.

We may not know what their goal is but one thing is for certain – this is the first step to mixing the culture of the country, and in time, losing it.


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