Sick! Whoopi Goldberg mocks Ivanka Trump

During Thursday’s episode of The View, Whoopi Goldberg showed once again the American people how classless she is, by mocking Ivanka Trump in a truly sick way. Unfortunately for Whoopi, however, the viewers of the show immediately reacted and let her know right away that they are sick of seeing her bash the Trump family.

Mediaite reported that her bashing started when cohost Jedediah Bila read a statement from the White House saying, “[Ivanka Trump] will not solicit funds. This is not a White House fund. This is not something she will have any authority over in any way.”

Whoopi immediately took this chance and started laughing, uttering, “tee-hee-hee” as Bila tried to keep reading.

“Okay White House, we heard ya!” she giggled.

She went on to say she was annoyed from Ivanka because, “at one point, [Ivanka] was trying to raise funds from other countries for her foundation and I thought that was what the new guy was accusing the then-candidate Hillary Clinton of doing with her foundation. Can anybody explain to me what the difference between the two is and why no one is saying, ‘Hey! Wait a minute! Didn’t you say this wasn’t going to work out, this was a bad thing?’”

However, Twitter users immediately reacted. Many of them stated that they are tired from Whoopi’s comments and that her relentless attacks on the Trump family are getting old.

Here are just some of the tweets:

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