George Soros Is Spending Billions to Support ILLEGAL Immigration, Says Hungarian PM

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán delivered a stinging speech in the European Parliament Wednesday, protecting his country’s right to self-govern and his personal actions concerning immigration and versus Soros.

In addition, earlier this year the media reported that the European Union member, and native country of Soros, will use “all the tools at its disposal” to “sweep out” NGOs funded by the Hungarian-born financier.

George Soros, the liberal American billionaire, has also invested the last couple of months anxiously trying to destroy Donald Trump.

But he just received some very bad news for himself that will certainly make it a great deal tougher for him to accomplish his goal.

Viktor Orbán, the Hungarian Prime Minister, gave a fiery speech in the European Parliament Wednesday. During this speech he went to explain why it is so important that his country has the right to self-govern. He also talked about the actions regarding immigration and talked about what was wrong with Soros.

“I know that the power, size and weight of Hungary is much smaller than that of the financial speculator, George Soros, who is now attacking Hungary,” he stated. “Despite ruining the lives of millions of Europeans with his financial speculations, being penalized in Hungary for speculations, and who is an openly admitted enemy of the euro, he is so highly praised that he is received by the European Union’s top leaders.”

Early on this month, the prime minister stated the motives behind Hungary’s diffidence toward George Soros.

“There can be no special privileges, and no one may stand above the law – not even George Soros’s people,” Orbán explained. “George Soros is spending endless amounts of money to support illegal immigration. To pursue his interests he pays a number of lobbying organisations operating in the guise of civil society. He maintains a regular network, with its own promoters, its own media, hundreds of people and its own university.”

The Hungarian prime minister proceeded to note that “George Soros and his NGOs want to transport one million migrants to the EU per year. He has personally, publicly announced this programme and provides a financial loan for it. You could read this yourselves. We reject this,” he stated. “We do not want to lose the right of national ratemaking for public utilities, because we fear that this would increase the burdens of the people and once again lead to drastic price increases, from which Hungarian families have suffered enough.”

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