Michelle Obama Resurfaces To Disrespect American Police Officers

During Michelle Obama’s time as First Lady, she made it clear that she did not care about the American people. She also has no respect for American police officers and the sacrifices they make for this country.

Now Beyonce is getting into the mix with the help of Michelle who recently expressed support for Beyonce’s cop-hating stunts. Beyonce just celebrated the anniversary of her infamous song ‘Formation’ which attacks American police. The anti-cop message was heard loud and clear, thanks to the song “Formation.” The song’s video is heavy on Black Lives Matter imagery.

Michelle Obama then took to Twitter to suck up to Beyonce and express support for this offensive song’s program, calling her a “role model” to young girls around the country. So apparently attacking police and calling them racist is being a great role models to young girls.

.When will these liberal singers and actors from Hollywood get out of politics? Liberals need to get over themselves and let police do their job, because they are in charge of saving lives and protecting us from harm’s way.

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