Hypocrite Maxine Waters Does Not Live in the District She Represents

Are Maxine Waters’ constituents really her constituents at all? Some new information leads us to believe that she might be pulling a scam on the very same people that have elected her.

A infographic released by HistoryInfographics, actually exposes a very dirty secret about the new Dem “Leader”.

Recently, Democratic Establishment marionette / Georgia House candidate Jon Ossoff was widely exposed for not even living in the area that he is running for.

The latest info that surfaced on the net shows that Maxine Waters, the loudmouthed Congresswoman who wanted to impeach President Trump, doesn’t live in the district that she is a representative either.

The place that she lives now makes Maxine Waters a huge hypocrite.

The self-nicknamed “Auntie Maxine” claims to be a “fighter” for the poor. She likes to act like she’s firmly part of the middle class, but actually, she enjoys “hanging out” around rich people.

Maxine’s district is located around rougher areas of Southern California including Inglewood and South Los Angeles. In contrast, her home is just east of Beverly Hills, in expensive Hancock Park, next to other multi-million dollar mansions.

Moreover, only 3.8% of the population of Hancock Park is black.

What a Hypocrite.

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