Real Cost of MOAB Unveiled… It’s a Lot Less Than Libs Claim

Ever since the time America’s Air Force dropped the Massive Ordnance Air Blast bomb in Afghanistan a week ago, liberals have been screaming about how it was a waste of a huge amount of money that could have been used for better purposes.

Just like everything else liberals scream about, they were so wrong about the price. When news first broke about the bombing, the more unhinged began making claims that the “Mother of All Bombs” cost as much as a staggering $314 million. Then, some news outlets claimed the bomb cost roughly $16 million per unit, but the price is actually much lower, Business Insider reported.

Actually, the bomb reportedly only cost $170,000 per unit. An Air Force official explained that unlike most ordnance for the military, this bomb was constructed “in house,” which would significantly reduce the cost.

The New York Times reported that the Air Force had not pointed out how much it cost to create the bomb. It is also unclear exactly how many of these things exist, something the Air Force has also refused to comment on for apparent reasons.

The Daily Caller noted that when adjusted for inflation (remember, these bombs were designed and built back in 2003), the cost goes up to around $227,000, which is still lower than what has been reported by most major media outlets.

When the MOAB was being constructed, the Air Force used parts that had already been ordered, which drastically cut down on the cost of constructing the bomb.

Should the Air Force choose to produce more of these impressive weapons, it might cost more than $227,000, but that is unknown at this point.

“We don’t have a replacement cost (for the MOAB) or estimated procurement cost because we haven’t put together a contractor requirement,” Air Force spokeswoman Ann Stefanek said.

If liberals are going to complain about the American military using a truly large bomb to kill terrorists, they at least need to get their facts straight before they let the tears flow.

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