Obamas Join Winfrey, Springsteen, Hanks on David Geffen’s $300 Million Yacht!

Barack H. Obama benefits as much as he can from the position without giving back anything in return for the people.

Barack and Michelle Obama spent their Easter weekend partying it up on billionaire Hollywoodite David Geffen’s $300 million yacht, along with Oprah, Bruce Springsteen and Tom Hanks, in French Polynesia.

The group were reportedly seen snapping photos during the Obamas’ Tahitian vacation off the island of Mo’orea.

The Obamas have been spending much of their post-White House days around celebrities, just like they did during his presidency. Last month, the former first couple were seen enjoying a brunch with U2 frontman Bono in New York City, where they were greeted with cheers and applause from a crowd of onlookers.

Earlier this year,  the former president was photographed kitesurfing in the Virgin Islands with British billionaire Richard Branson.

What’s next on the agenda for the A-list power couple? More community organizing? SJW protests? How about a massive book deal from Penguin Random House for $65 million? Under the deal, both Barack and Michelle Obama will pen memoirs of their respective experiences in the White House.

Good job, Obama’s- I hope the taxpayers enjoy their life as much as you do.

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