Donald Trump Ready to Strike North Korea Nuclear Sites!

With the whole world shaking for the possibility of World War 3 being right at the corner, President Trump is undergoing preparations and assessing battle plans for a possible pre-emptive strike on North Korean nuclear facilities.

According to reports from The Australian, Donald Trump’s closest military advisers have told Britain that the US has the firepower to ­neutralise North Korea’s nuclear program — and may even launch a pre-­emptive strike to do so.

In what will be seen as an ­attempt to pile pressure on China to intervene to prevent North ­Korean dictator Kim Jong-un from conducting a new nuclear test, senior sources said the US could “utterly destroy” the key targets using conventional weapons.

HR McMaster, Mr Trump’s ­national security adviser, has told British security chiefs and military commanders that America is confident enough that it had the intelligence to target the right nuclear testing sites of North Korea, and destroy them.

“They’ll do anything it takes,” said a senior British source.

“Nothing is off the table. They think they’ve got the capabilities to target things and utterly destroy them. They are confident they know where everything is, and can target it efficiently.”

A military source who talked to Lieutenant General McMaster, said he was aware “any such attempt would come at ­terrible cost” because it would probably provoke missile strikes against South Korea. Another senior government source said “They are getting to the point where they think they may have to take out the ­facilities pre-emptively. Fallon reviewed things with Mattis a couple of weeks ago, what their different options were. They are much closer to taking military action than they were a year ago.”

US Air Force chief David Goldfein has tweeted a picture of US warplanes and the words: “Fight’s on!” which also threw a reference at the armada of US warships steaming off the Korean peninsula headed by the famous aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson.

It is understood Mr Trump’s intentions to take military action has also been debated in private to China to get it to turn the screws on Kim. According to a Bush administration official familiar with the war plan “Trump is pushing the Chinese hard, but in his gut he ultimately feels he will have to take a strong step himself. There are plans to destroy the missile sites and the military have strong confidence in what they know. They wouldn’t launch a pre-emptive strike if there is an underground nuclear explosion but they would if the President thought they were launching an intercontinental ballistic missile.”

However, military action is unlikely for at least one more month as the US Vice-President Mike Pence is now in South Korea prior their elections on May 9th.

Any strike against the North’s nuclear facilities would use a precision-guided 136-tonne bomb known as the massive ordnance penetrator, which can smash through 60m of earth and 18m of concrete before detonating.

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