Captured Terrorist Leader Confesses ‘Obama Funded ISIS’

The stories of Obama’s affinity for Islam were praised by the liberal media as appreciation and tolerance. But now, we know the truth. The confession reveals that Barack Obama, former President of the United States, funded Islamic terrorism.

An arrested ISIS leader has confessed that ISIS received funding from the Obama administration.

Pakistani authorities have arrested Yousaf al-Salafi, a known ISIS leader, who confessed to the police that “$600 was sent to him through American institutions for every soldier he recruited and sent to fight for ISIS in Syria.”

This sickening news doesn’t stop there. The terrorist recruiter admitted that he was working with an Imam, an Islamic preacher, to funnel soldiers into Syria.

Obama had it out for Syrian President Assad, and now we all know that both men are monsters.

The moderate rebels that Obama claimed to support were actually soldiers of the Islamic State, and he knew exactly who he was funding and didn’t care. Liberals will defend this, no doubt. That’s how insane the American left has become.

It seems like Donald Trump was right when he said that Obama created ISIS. Hillary and Obama’s shady dealings in the Middle East allowed terrorism to thrive.

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